1 thought on “To ban or not to ban? The case of chlorine-washed chicken”

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    There are a number of other issues you ignore.

    1. The worry with chlorine-washed chicken – aside from animal welfare concerns – is that those who consume it are at higher risk of food poisoning as the chlorine-washing does not completely eliminate pathogens.

    Therefore, there are third party costs in terms of healthcare costs and lost economic output due to a higher incidence of food poisoning.

    2. Will people have a choice to not consume chlorine-washed chicken? Unless there are strict labelling requirements then people will not have a choice but to consume chlorine-washed chicken. Domestic chicken farmers will also be undercut by imports produced with lower standards. And people on the poverty line have no choice but to eat the cheapest food there is.

    3. Is the UK – as a sovereign country – justified in enforcing high animal welfare standards that requires imports to meet high standards? Or is that an unacceptable constraint on the freedom of those in the UK who don’t care about such matters?

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