1 thought on “To anti-capitalists, climate change is just a pretext for a planned economy”

  1. Posted 08/09/2021 at 06:56 | Permalink

    This is total rubbish

    It is obviously true that NK is a die hard big-state anti-capitalist. But it is wrong and unfair to say that, to her, the climate disaster is just a pre-text for a planned economy. Just because she came to climate change after a lifetime campaigning for socialism, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about climate change. She clearly does care. It should come as no surprise that she finds the solutions in a planned economy.

    Your argument here is equivalent to someone saying that to people on the right climate change is just a pretext for for radical feeemarkets.

    People will always look to their economic beliefs for economic solutions to any problem, including fighting or (or ignoring) climate change.

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