1 thought on “Theresa May is scared to admit that the unreformed NHS is crumbling around her”

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    Absolutely agree, funding for the NHS is lower on a % GDP basis than both the EU average and most of the major comparable European countries, yet surprisingly it still manages to rank higher than many of those comparable countries in the WHO healthcare rankings. The current government has a mendacious attitude to spending on the NHS, it makes claims about ‘giving the NHS more money than it asked for’ when in reality it’s simply using accounting tricks such as shifting money between different budget lines. For example moving money from capital budgets or training budgets into operational budgets or from specific operational programmes that fall outside of the main operational budget (quit smoking etc…). The other problem is that by deliberately underfunding social care delivered by local government it is self-defeating it’s own efforts to move to more cost-efficient community healthcare (but weighting pain of austerity more on local government than central government departments is politically savvy, as it’s local government that gets the flak).

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