The 2019 Beesley Lectures.

The Beesley Lectures are a series of eight annual lectures covering regulated industries in the UK.

Now in their 28th year, they’re held at the Institute of Directors in London and staged in memory of Professor Michael Beesley, who was a leading architect of the British system of utility regulation and a trustee of the IEA.

The lectures address the latest developments in energy, water, transport, telecoms and banking regulation as well as competition policy. They’re held in partnership with the Centre for Competition and Regulatory Policy at City, University of London, and the series attracts leading thinkers in government, industry and academia.

At each lecture, a leading economist or industry figure will speak for one hour and a specialist will provide a 20-minute response before handing over to the audience for further discussion.

The full programme for this year’s lectures is below:

  1. October 9: A new future for the public utilities under a Labour government

  2. October 16: Regulating the water industry by social contract

  3. October 23: Concluding the 40-year utilities experiment: death spiral or rebirth

  4. October 30: Protecting consumers and investors in an era of lower returns

  5. November 6: How can innovation challenge capacity market design in the UK and beyond?

  6. November 13: Applying economics to the internet: can regulators and competition authorities keep pace?

  7. November 20: Evaluating the framework for regulators in energy, water and telecoms

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