3 thoughts on “The West’s demographic crisis”

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    Excellent. You hit the nail on the head that the current retirees simply did not save enough to provide for what is an inevitable event. I propose that we scrap all government social programs. The people will be better off. If the system isn’t changed, I predict a collapse or a revolt.

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    Furthermore, government offers these unfunded benefits due to its ability to print money. Supposedly a counterfeiter can make everyone rich.

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    “The underlying problem is that the current older generation did not accumulate capital which would have financed their pensions and healthcare in later life ”

    Pretending there was a “fund” that many think exists…. begs the statistic how much was paid by taxpayers for the purpose of social retirement and health benefits?

    In other words how much was paid into the phantom “fund” compared to actual cost?

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