2 thoughts on “The UK labour market is doing fine. Our housing market is the bottleneck”

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    Over the past week, Britain’s biggest mortgage lender, Halifax, said that annual house price growth had slowed to the weakest rate in four years and the official surveyors’ body said that activity was back to 2011 levels in some parts of the UK. Homeowners have so far escaped the house price crash that some forecasters, including the International Monetary Fund, had warned could happen in the event of a Brexit vote. But the housing market has slowed markedly since the referendum.

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    At the very least Council Tax, SDLT, CGT and Inheritance Tax should be scrapped and replaced with a flat tax on selling prices. This would greatly improve a number issues.

    A 100% tax on the rental value of land would cover those, raise enough extra to reduce damaging taxes by £150bn, allow for the optimal allocation of immovable property and make housing optimally affordable for typical working UK households.

    Our choice of taxation is a millstone around the neck of our economy.

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