1 thought on “The tragedy of suicide must be tackled with policies that work – a crackdown on technology is not one of them”

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    Dear Mr Mayer

    There are no social problems that cannot be hijacked by ambitious single issue nannies to further their cause. Consider the abuse of statistics by ‘campaigners’ highlighted by Mr Snowdon of this parish in his recent blog post – https://velvetgloveironfist.blogspot.com/2019/03/if-more-gambling-laws-are-answer-whats.html

    Claiming ‘gambling addicts’ are 15 times more likely to take their own life is more likely to have cause and effect the wrong way round: those suffering from self-destructive pressures are more likely to indulge in gambling/alcohol/drug abuse before taking the final step.

    These ‘campaigners’ are claiming the final result is due to the ‘addiction’, and abusing it as a tool to further their prohibitionist agenda.

    Banning or curtailing gambling won’t solve the problem that ‘problem’ gamblers face if the gambling is the consequence of underlying issues. These are what should be addressed, not as you highlight here, the means they use to salve their self-destructive urges or ultimately carry out the final step.


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