2 thoughts on “The socialist renaissance continues unabated”

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    if this was such a great idea, they would realize it in a small scale, and if it would work (better than “capitalism”), it would naturally spread and grow larger

    but because the idea is anti-realistic from the very start (and they always blame scapegoats for their own stupidity), they go the “top down” route of a bloody world revolution (iustum necare reges impios = its right to kill strong leaders), where they can force people to be “good” (if people think wrong, they are killed = mental incest)

    to me, it all boils down to dunbar’s number. any organization larger than 150 people is always corrupt, destructive, inefficient, parasitic, fake on the outside and dirty on the inside

    when they say “communism” they exploit the good reputation of “village culture” (150 people), but they fail to see that this solution does not scale to millions and billions of people. these are not villages, but empires, which always require technology (bookkeeping), and this technology is always exploited by organized crime (bookfaking)

    mafia and their useful-idiot footsoldiers … asterix & obelix all over again

    > Roman soldiers are men who sworn their loyalty
    > to the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar, their emperor.
    > They are traditionally brute and merciless warriors towards other nations,
    > and seek to expand their domines by conquering other peoples
    > to the greatest extent as they can, to follow the orders of the emperor.


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    ‘every single socialist experiment has failed’?
    old age pensions
    unemployment benefits
    the national health service
    state education
    maternity leave
    the minimum wage
    the US putting a man on the moon….

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