3 thoughts on “The Simpsons race outcry is much Apu about nothing”

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    There’s a lot of common sense here, I hope society in its current climate can handle that! We seem to be at the mercy of social justice warriors who are more concerned with searching for ways of how to accuse the harmless of being offensive, rather than doing useful work protecting those they claim to represent. For those with a sense of humour buffoonery is at the heart of all good comedy including laughing at ourselves and as you say, the Simpsons takes prisoners without prejudice. It’s a very good article and I think it summarizes the thoughts of the vast silent majority.

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    Very good points well made and it’s is helpful to see the idea of a stereotype being used positively. The wider point to make is that we need to do more to resist the widespread tendency to require all media productions to conform to an ideological agenda.

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