3 thoughts on “The NHS is not the saintly institution of the popular imagination”

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    Director who has worked in the private sector and helped set up a private company composed of GPs acting as a private company, states that private sector is the only way to relieve pressure on the NHS.

    No conflict of interest at all.

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    I do agree that the current framework is unsustainable in the sense that there are increased costs without the increased funding to meet them. However, I also believe that privatisation will also bear it’s own difficulties: namely, increased competition will naturally bring about reduced revenue from patients. In either system ultimately you will end up with the same result. Ultimately, in order to deliver a quality service all patients and practioners can rely upon is accountability. A bit like if you were an electrician or a plumber, if something goes wrong.. It helps if you can go back there for the problem to be rectified in a fair and just manner and all parties aim to resolve it as best they can with one another’s best interests naturally at heart. Either system will fail when these basic principles go awry. It does not matter what procedure you are talking about, either will fail when the values and intent go astray

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    It is unsurprising the main opposition to improving the efficiency of our national healthcare provision comes from within the very service that exists to provide it. A friend of my parents was a hospital administrator before the NHS was created and retired when it was still finding its feet. He was asked to return and found six people doing the job of one. That was clearly decades ago and I imagine there are now many more than six.
    In 2013, Dr Steven Allder detailed a strategy to improve the quality of patient care, whilst reducing costs. It can still be found here https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/10086828/Dr-Steven-Allder-My-cure-for-the-NHS.html
    I found it surprising, as his proposal detailed how I believed the NHS already worked. Clearly, I was wrong and your article confirms my suspicion the institutional NHS is in dire need of major reform, but it must not be led by politicians, either elected or within the BMA..

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