3 thoughts on “The low-hanging fruit on the Brexit tree: repeal the Tobacco Products Directive”

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    Why limiting vapers to tiny (10ml) bottles of fluid, limiting nicotine concentrations?

    Read https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/electronic-cigarettes-good-news-bad-news-2016072510010

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    Very true. I’d just talked myself into vaping nicotine from a very realistic nucig product. No tank, a cartridge. When the EU directive banned nicotine containing cartridges.

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    The reason for the TPD being passed is very simple. Intensive lobbying from the Pharma companies.
    They stand to lose very large amounts of money due to their NRT products being ignored because they are ineffective. They will not recover the R&D costs associated with their development and sales will go into decline once GPs can recommend alternative products.

    People love to blame big tobacco, but look at how they are progressing into alternative products themselves with het-not-burn (a wrong direction) and starter kits for vapers (the right direction).

    There may well come a time when tobacco companies no longer make cigarettes at all, but serve as producers of high-quality nicotine for vaping.

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