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    Women were given the vote in New Zealand in 1893. This is heralded as a measure of the relative progressiveness of New Zealand society at the time. New Zealand’s current prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, is currently making much play of the fact that NZ women had the vote some 30 years before British women as the UK marks “Votes for Women”. It is asserted that securing suffrage rights in New Zealand was a testament to the influence of women campaigners such as Kate Sheppard. This is obviously true, however, the question of why an all male parliament gave women the vote is rarely asked? New Zealand in the 1880s had a significant imbalance of men to women and it was a tough frontier society. It seems likely the Parliament believed that offering women the vote would be an attractive teaser to prospective single young women to immigrants. The short supply of women was a real issue in a growing colony much as the short supply of men and the impact of “marrying up” had major influences on UK society after WWI.

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