2 thoughts on “The enduring fantasy of secret NHS privatisation”

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    This leftwing paranoia over the NHS goes a stage further than you mentioned, Kris.

    The accusation is also that the Tories are “selling it off to their mates”, i.e. not just outsourcing some provision to the private sector but actively selling off parts of the NHS to people they favour. When it is asked exactly what has been sold they never have an answer, yet the assertion is made over and over again.

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    Every Socialists favourite country is Venezuela. The great leader of the left ( Corbyn) In 2015 said “it is a cause for celebration, the achievements of Venezuela in jobs, in housing, in health, in education but above all in its role in the world” On Maduro’s election in 2013…Corbyn says:..” The .people of Venezuela have asserted, albeit it by a small majority, that they want the progress of the redistribution of wealth, empowering the poorest people ….our job is to understand that and express our solidarity with the people of Venezuela “. It must be a utopia.

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