3 thoughts on “The economics of Latin”

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    As a Classics graduate and IRA Fnuder I grew with you!

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    That should of course say IEA….

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    Another important dimension of yet a further government spending initiative is whether, in this case, it is strictly necessary or indeed, is a rather muddled intervention. There is a charity, Classics for All, that has been ploughing this field for some time (and of course benefiting from the normal tax breaks that feed the booming charitable sector). It has helped to establish Latin in over a 1000 state schools (far more than the government hopes to add with its initiative). We are used to the government squeezing-out the private sector from varying dimensions of the economy. The worrying aspect here is whether this will prove to be an example of the government using the proceeds of compulsory taxation to do the same with the voluntary sector (which is still an exercise in consumer preferences, albeit with some distortion from tax breaks).

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