3 thoughts on “The economics of Coronavirus-induced isolation: some initial thoughts”

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    A typically lovely piece from Len Shackleton. Ultimately, governments are being driven by the science, yet the science is not monolithic. There’s a lovely exchange on the Stat (also known as Statnews) website between two great epidemiologists, John Ioannidis of Stanford (who claims we don’t know enough about this virus to justify the sorts of measures Len Shackleton laments) and Marc Lipsitch of Harvard (who claims we do.)
    They both write accessibly, without an equation in sight, and thanks to their exchange the rest of us can make up our own minds without having to accept the government’s dicta as gospel.

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    Dear Len,

    Like you I’m a libertarian and in the ((borderline vulnerable) group, I’ve been warning for years of the insidious loss of freedoms brought by technology.

    However tech could well be our saviour. A simple link between home address and a cheap smart phone would enable the health authorities to tailor messages by geographic area and monitor our whereabouts and contacts. The authorities can do this anyway, now could be the time for us to do it knowingly, for it to be done with our control, not covertly, for there to be clear self benefit.

    Let’s hope we all get through this. Best wishes, Nick

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    Scientists are saying this emergency will last for up to 2 years. It won’t be OK till we have a vaccine.
    But telling peole to stay at home for more than couple of weeks would be a disaster for physical and mental health. From what I have read most of the advice, hygiene and social distancing is essential.
    But we could go for walks and cycle rides within these limitations.
    We could even meet for a coffee if we took a flask of coffee each and sat 2 metres apart, talking by phone if needbe. I see that the government has had to rush out advice. But now it should find nuanced ways to enable exercise and maintian friendships

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