2 thoughts on “The economics, and ethics, of Bitcoin”

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    I think it worth mentioning the number of goods, and some services, which governments have made illegal or have highly taxed.
    Consenting adults want to exchange these goods, and not be caught doing so.
    Legalising or licensing the sale of recreational drugs to adults, and reducing the tax on cigarettes to the Pigouvian level would pretty well raze the crypto-currencies to the ground, with them possibly surviving for the gun market and not much else. Imv, of course.

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    Take it from an investor anyone who tries to convince u of a lack of danger like anything else even the lottery, the more ppl play the more the winners make. You have to ask yourself what the upside to what u have to invest. No matter what it is ask yourself what is desired and required. If you’re looking to double your money as nice as 17500 is to look at it requires bitcoin to go to 35000 to accomplish it. And it’s unfortunate. ..the real investors of bitcoin from early won’t tell u it is now a dreamers world no different then when the lottery is 2 million there’s zero lines but when it’s a billion ppl will sell their house to play..jus food for thought

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