2 thoughts on “The BBC is not the Civil Service – and politicians shouldn’t set its pay”

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    How about making the BBC accountable to the people who pay for it?
    To achieve that the Board of Trustees would set the universal fee level, make the top appointments ( as now ), and decide the scope. Do you want breakfast television? Do you want a 24 hours news channel? Do you want top talent earning top dollar?
    Then let the candidates to be Trustees set out their platforms, and let the licence payer elect them.
    For now the Board is selected by and accountable to the DCMS so it is absolutely the government’s business.
    A little oddity: the BBC will say it is accountable, and that if you don’t like it you can make it an issue when choosing your MP. But if you’re a taxpaying EU national living lawfully in the UK you don’t get to choose your MP. An example of no representation for your taxation if ever there was one. Does that make the BBC xenophobic against EU nationals by their silence on this core lack of accountability? I think it does. Consider the absence of evidence on the BBC that other EU countries have functioning universal health systems. Pure bias in my view, but I’ve digressed

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    One consequence of being slave to a myopic dogma is the 50% visual impairment. The issue isn’t the BBC which you choose to mischaracterise as private or public when convenient, or Matt Hancock having a view; it is about the fair treatment of women in the workplace, a subject seemingly outside your narrow field of vision. That this is taking place very publicly, engaging a broad debate, disclosure and being actively responded to by an accountable public institution, might be seen as a step forward for us all. It might even prompt you to question the fairness of Carillion’s director remuneration in your world view. You might be able to see and appreciate that perspective if you made yourself aware that Adam Smith wrote two significant works, not just one.

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