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Every December 5th, American beer, wine, and spirit enthusiasts celebrate Repeal Day. It was on this day in 1933 that the United States officially passed the 21st Amendment, effectively ending the failed “noble experiment” known as Prohibition. This was not only a good day for liberty and libations; it also marked the end of a ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics
Last night we learned that the government plans to change the law to ensure that cigarettes are sold in plain packages. The ostensible goal of reducing the number of smokers may be well-intentioned, but in practice this will be a policy with a negligible health impact and extremely worrying repercussions for black market activity. International ... Continue reading
Are the British developing a taste for smuggled booze and moonshine? There was a five-fold increase in the number of seizures of counterfeit alcohol by Trading Standards between 2008/09 and 2010/11 and the amount of non-duty paid alcohol seized by HMRC rose to almost ten million litres in the same period. Raids of large-scale illegal ... Continue reading
Up until prohibition, Guatemala, China, and Russia were the last three remaining countries with a well-developed legal market in international adoptions. All other nations that had once allowed children to be sent to new families abroad had already succumbed to UNICEF pressure to put an end to the practice. But UNICEF had in effect restricted ... Continue reading
The Christmas-to-New Year holiday was a bad period for those of us who believe in deregulation. A minimum price for alcohol was proposed; a massive extension of state funding and regulation of social care and its integration with the NHS monolith looks to be on the cards; there were various announcements made about regulating high ... Continue reading
Last month two young men tragically died after taking ecstasy (MDMA) during an event at Alexandra Palace in North London. Over the next few days the newspapers were flooded with commentary on the shocking dangers of the drug. This is why, they said, drugs are illegal. Goodness, how wrong were those who called for a ... Continue reading