1 thought on “Sunday trading laws illustrate the tyranny of the status quo”

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    A few unconnected points. Another anomaly, I believe, was that, under the old laws, you could buy fish and chips from a Chinese takeaway but not from a fish and chip shop.

    Although only 6% of CofE clergy voted Tory, the churchgoers are a lot more pro-business and pro-Tory than the clergy.

    How about leaving this to local authorities? In other words, amend the current law to say that local authorities are permitted to make regulations around opening on traditional days (which might be different in different local authorities – Sunday/Saturdays/Fridays – Easter, Jewish new year etc): but, otherwise, there are no restrictions. And the default would be no restrictions at all unless the local authority introduced it (or the default could be the current law which the local authority could amend).

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