2 thoughts on “Sorry, Ha-Joon Chang, but tax really IS a burden”

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    Tax is a part of our consumer lives. Each day we spend we face the the facts! Almost everything that has a dollar value come with the added fees. Living in California for most of my adult life I enjoyed the spare change in my coin purse because thats where the tax cost was covered. It’s such a crazy fact that California has the highest tax rate in the nation. I would definitely have to agree with author Jamie Whyte that paying tax is a burden. Despite the grand idea by Dr. Chang that paying taxes leaves you in receiving in return an array of public services such as health and old age care, education, flood defense and the military, It still doesn’t necessarily add up to a worthy value. We start with the idea on the value of spending and if it is worth it or not. We consider the idea of opportunity cost. If I spend this budget of $250 on a weeks worth of groceries I will be better off on meals each day for the next seven days. What if I didn’t spend that $250 dollars on groceries and instead bought myself a concert ticket for my favorite band that was going to be performing for a once in lifetime opportunity at the local concert hall 10 minutes away from my neighborhood. I am faced with a scale of whats more important to the least. We are in the dilemma of opportunity cost. Aside from that I have to face the idea that there is a tax bearing fee added to either likely purchases. I understand that there is a good purpose to where the tax collected and the money is distributed. My children at one point have attended public school and received free health care for a very short time of their lives and to tax payers (which includes myself) I say great! The fact of the matter is that taxes are to high! The amount I payed for that given year for taxes was more than I actually would have spent on the healthcare used within that year. The demand can only destroy an average Joe’s earning income. The economy seems to grow and it only seems like a win win situation right? The minimum wage rate is rising but look at all the cost around your consumer eyes.We aren’t blind, there just isn’t much”we the people” can really do. Cost have gone up! Your truly a beneficiary if your earned income within a given time frame falls within the threshold of being qualified for health care that is considerably free. In the meantime, tax will always be a burden.

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    It’s a burden yeah and people resent it in so many countries because we all know that taxes are only for the poor and middle classes. 99 of Europe’s largest 100 corporations ‘launder’ money through offshore jurisdictions, or tax havens, and are largely unaccountable. The rich simply don’t pay. Ask Warren Buffet. But in an ideal world we wouldn’t have to pay taxes…..(I’m an anarchist)
    Another point. You’ll do yourself no favours with those oversimplified undergraduate models… $1 spent isn’t $1 lost… and forget the curries too. LOL
    The other point worth mentioning is that Chang’s speciality is development economics and his reasoning applies far better to developing countries. IEA is fond of touting Hayekian, free market economics and anti-socialism for poorer countries around the world. Anyone who has travelled a bit will realise that the average country is poor made up of 95% dirt poor and 5 % elites. so (cut a long story short) free markets and free trade only ever impoverish the majority more. I’m all for Anarcho-capitalism, but only in the minority of already developed states 🙂

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