4 thoughts on “Some classical liberal thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic”

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    How about ‘billionaire business owners’ spending their billions to prop up their own businesses? Most of us fellow humans find we can live quite comfortably on thousands rather than millions or billions and many of us manage on considerably less. Given the opportunity for radical changes in society, could this be the time for a generous re-distribution of excessive wealth? My final question is ‘why not?’

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    We should never let Johson get away this this nonsense: I.e.:………….. I lived in Hackney, London: more dangerous that serving in the army in Iraq / Afghanistan etc. at the time. I was stabbed, & actually treated myself in hospital as no staff were available.

    Almost everyone I knew there had been attacked with weapons. Clapton High Rd. was known as the world’s worst “Murder Mile” for murders, stabbings etc. Was the Gov. concerned about our Health & welfare?………

    The Gov. didn’t give a rat’s bottom about us or anyone else. Are we supposed to believe that they are now suddenly concerned about us catching “a virus?”.

    Call me an Olde Fashioned cynic, (that’s OK B’coz I’m an olde fashioned cynic!), but I don’t believe a word of this nonsense.

    As far as BoLL*** Johnson is concerned, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could kick his sorry backside

    I think his next ploy will be to restrict access to the web, using some ruse: i.e.: “pple spreading conspiracy theories”.

    But, it’s the Gov. that’s paniced pple by their ridiculous restrictions:…..restrictions that do not apply to Gov. ministers themselves. (https://bit.ly/33BD3JP)

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    Not forgetting that government taxes were originally temporary, to fund a war.

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    @anom commenter “Are we supposed to believe that they are now suddenly concerned about us catching ‘a virus?’ … I don’t believe a word of this nonsense.”

    What absolute drivel. The lockdown is clearly saving lives as demonstrated in other countries who are now seeing a decrease in numbers since similar measures were introduced.

    Ridiculous restrictions? Again absolute drivel!

    “Call me old fashioned but i don’t believe the government are helping with the virus because I had to treat my own stab wound so why would they help with a virus that’s killing hundreds of thousands of people”

    It’s people like you why more needless lives will be taken. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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