2 thoughts on “Socialism: will next time be different? (Part 2)”

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    If you believe in “democratic” socialism, do you allow the people to vote it out? Because if you don’t, it isn’t democratic. And if you do, you won’t have socialism (we already are in that position, after all).

    Yugoslavia allowed free movement of people and actual worker participation in decisions. It was the mildest Socialism ever achieved in terms of freedom of expression, religion etc. But even it couldn’t allow democracy, and collapsed as soon as it allowed a vote.

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    Just a personal experience. I was in Berlin when the wall came down, and tens of thousands of East Berliners and other DDR citizens streamed through the holes wrecking balls were making in that hated wall.
    The East Berliners were now exposed in the flesh to everything they had only ever seen on West German TV (which they could watch illegally).
    What stays in my mind is the sheer wonder on the faces of East Berlin children holding an orange in their hands for the first time. They treated it with a combination of reverence and curiosity, rolling it in their hands, holding it up to the light, sniffing it and excitedly pointing out the features of their particular orange to the other children. That went on a long time before they peeled and ate them.
    The East German economy had never been able to provide oranges for its citizens, something which in the capitalist West was treated as everyday a product as toilet paper. With the exception, of course, of the Bonzen, the party bosses living in the villas once inhabited by the Nazi party elite.
    No system with such structural and moral deficiencies has anything to recommend it.

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