2 thoughts on “Should classical liberals give up on health system reform?”

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    From the classic liberal standpoint NHS is an abomination and reforming an abomination it’s abominable. Every service to citizens should be voluntary.

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    A very interesting piece, with a semi-pessimistic conclusion, so here is an idea. What about setting up a Campaign for the Reform of the Health Service? It could be independent of party and highlight the problems with the current regime, whilst offering the Dutch-Swiss solution to which you refer. It would devote itself exclusively to this issue and set up local and regional branches. These could keep local hospitals and GP services under observation and help unhappy patients pursue claims and complaints against the current system. Believe me, there are so many people out there who have been served so appallingly by our health system that you would find many donors, volunteers and officers. You would also build up, in no time at all, a bank of experience with which to illustrate broader, argumentative points. The great problem thereafter is our loaded media, which would undoubtedly do all in its power to quash, demonise and ignore the message – but people have faced even worse opponents in the past. Vaclav Havel didn’t let the granite misery of communism daunt him; we mustn’t let communism’s subtler but no less deadly personnel of today daunt us.

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