2 thoughts on “Regulatory-political activism: the Financial Conduct Authority goes woke”

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    Very good and very important article. Of course, private exchanges can have whatever rules they like. The (then) FSA took over the listing rules from the London Stock Exchange for spurious reasons about 10 years ago. If they are going to have any control over such things, it should be at a minimal level necessary to ensure financial stability (e.g. to prevent risks in relation to the relationships between exchanges and clearing houses and so on). But it would be better for the FCA to just get out of the business of setting listing rules altogether. For a couple of hundred years, it worked perfectly okay as a responsibility of private exchanges.

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    I understand and appreciate the need for equality, but I am not sure how comfortable I feel about the government micro-managing a financial institution’s hiring practices. As a woman and a minority, I can definitely understand this policy’s benefits, but in my humble opinion it’s something that the government should leave up to the citizens to decide. Also, there is an article on Fortune about this that’s interesting, I will link it below:
    https://fortune.com/2021/07/28/uk-financial-conduct-authority-board-diversity-targets-women – minorities – home

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