1 thought on “Recovery from the pandemic will require a single-minded focus on maximising growth”

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    Agree with this.

    What we will get is:
    Green economy stuff.
    New normal stuff.
    Regional industrial policy stuff – picking winners / ending up with zombies.
    Equality regulations (e,g., bureaucratic +ve discrimation and quota rules).
    Double the funding for the NHS.
    Massive tax increases to fund lockdown.
    Slump in private sector investment.
    Strengthening of monopolies and cartels favouring older established economies over newer ones.
    Stagnant economy for the foreseable future. with either general or asset price inflation. Or a mixture.
    Probably a tax and spend Labour Govt in the next 4/5 years but we won’t notice the difference given what we have got with Johnson in number 10.

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