1 thought on “Put aside the gimmicks and get the government out of our lives”

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    There is no doubt that the lack of liberalization in childcare, and the energy industry mentioned have had disastrous effects on the UK economy. I also agree that many individuals have become to accustomed to the intervention of the government and the false belief that a bigger state will lead to more handouts for particular groups, but also couldn’t another aspect for instance, one of the fear of big business, may be leading people to support government regulation? To expand on this I would like to use an example in the United States. In the U.S. there is great controversy around the FCC vote to restore the Internet Freedom Order and the power it could give to companies such as Comcast or Time Warner Cable to throttle websites or charge a premium for access. While I would argue liberalizing any industry, including that of internet providers would lead to the increase of competitive firms and better internet rates for the consumers, many see this legislation as a threat to smaller websites and companies who do not have the networking that Comcast or Time Warner Cable do. As written earlier in the article, people seem to be accustomed to their current internet access and do not want their “freedoms” or policies to change. But also, as with your examples of childcare and the energy industries, aren’t people afraid of the formation of monopolies who can charge whatever they want for their service without fear of a decreasing demand for internet access?

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