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  • Introduction (page 305)

  • The war on cash is about much more than cash (pages 391-399) by Kevin Dowd

  • Forced technology transfer and China (pages 306-319) by Bob Carbaugh Chad Wassell

  • The case for freedom revisited (pages 320-329) by Roland Vaubel

  • Is energy security really too important to leave to markets? (pages 330-345) by Lawrence Haar

  • How can we correct for contingent valuation bias? A case study of the Macau Orchestra (pages 346-362) by Thea Vinnicombe Joey Pek U Sou

  • Why comparative advantage is a problematic guide to practical policy (pages 243-250) by Sherman Xie

  • Multilateral trade liberalisation helps promote export product diversification: Trade tensions damage the prospects of the poorest economies (pages 363-380) by Sena Kimm Gnangnon

  • The forced registration of hedge funds in the United States (pages 381-390) by Steven James Lee Edward W Kramer II

Book reviews:

  • Where Economics Went Wrong: Chicago’s abandonment of classical liberalism (pages 291-294) by Peter J Boettke