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Economic Affairs (Vol 38.3)



Free trade is the foundation of modern economies & modern prosperity, says new IEA report

Housing and Planning

Winning essay for the IEA Richard Koch Breakthrough Prize

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Introduction (pages 305-306) by J.R. Shackleton

Chinese Manufacturing in the Shadow of the China–US Trade War (pages 307-324) by Kerry Liu

Multilateral Trade Liberalisation and Financial Openness (pages 357-364) by Sèna Kimm Gnangnon

Anti‐Competitive Market Distortions: A Typology (pages 339-347) by Shanker A. Singham U. Srinivasa Rangan

The Middle East Needs to Rediscover its Market Roots (pages 348-356)
by Nima Sanandaji

The Bank of England Over 325 Years (pages 357-366) by Forrest Capie

When a Right Goes Wrong: The Unintended Consequences of India’s Right to Education Act (pages 367-379) by Gopalkrishnan Iyer Chris Counihan

The Continuing Burden of Occupational Licensing in the United States (pages 380-405) by Dick M. Carpenter II Lisa Knepper Kyle Sweetland Jennifer McDonald

M‐Pesa and the ‘Market‐Led’ Approach to Financial Inclusion
(pages 406-421) by Scott Burns

Is Commerce Good for the Soul? An Empirical Assessment (pages 422-433) by Walker A. Wright


Private Sector Alternatives to the Research Excellence Framework for University League Tables (pages 434-443) by James Tooley & Barrie Craven

Modesty and Scepticism are Needed to Re-win the Case for Free Markets (pages 444-446) by Mark Littlewood

Review Articles

Adam Smith and the Vocabulary of Liberty: Two Views (pages 447-455) by Alberto Mingardi

Book Reviews (pages 456-461)