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The benefits of unprotected capitalism and unruly shareholders

Monetary Policy

Shadow Monetary Policy Committee votes to hold bank rate

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  • Introduction (page 1-2)

  • Can economic multilateralism survive? (pages 3-24) by Jean Pisani-Ferry

  • Prospects for an ordoliberal reform of the European Union (pages 28-34) by Jurgen Wandel

  • How to draft ‘good’ minutes of monetary policy decisions (pages 44-64) by Jan Fredrik Qvigstad

  • Sir Thomas More’s Utopia: An overlooked economic classic (pages 65-80) by Esa Mangeloja Tomi Ovaska

  • How large is Vietnam’s informal economy? (pages 81-100) by Nguyen Thai Hoa

  • The long‐run effect of government ideology on economic freedom (pages 101-114) by Ryan H. Murphy

  • How globalisation impacted Israel and India differently in the 1990s (pages 115-126) by Erez Cohen

  • Discussion: The mixed success of New Zealand’s economic liberalisation (pages 127-137) by Bryce Wilkinson

  • Discussion: Empowering potential homeowners: The UK should have a ‘small housing’ presumption (pages 138-144) by Emilie Ciclet

  • Review article: Vocational skills and the university of the twenty-first century (pages 145-152) by Matthias Klaes

Book reviews

  • Great Economic Thinkers: An introduction – from Adam Smith to Amartya Sen (pages 154-155) by Benedikt Koehler

  • Advanced Introduction to National Innovation Systems by Cristina Chaminade (pages 156-157) by Felix-Fernando Munoz

  • War or Peace: The Struggle for World Power by Deepak Lal (pages 158-159) by Julian Richards

  • The Bitcoin Standard: The decentralised alternative to central banking by Saifedean Ammous Wiley (pages 160-161) by Luis Torras

  • F.A. Hayek: Economics, political Economy and Social Philosophy by Peter K. Boettke (pages 162-163) by Pedro Schwartz

  • Why women have better sex under socialism: And other arguments for economic independence by Kristen R. Ghodsee Bodley Head (pages 164-166) by Madeline Grant

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