Winning essay for the IEA Richard Koch Breakthrough Prize

Winner of £50,000 prize: Ben Clements For more information about the IEA Breakthrough Prize please visit Summary:  Free market ideals should not be limited to esoteric debates about what could be achieved in theory. Indeed, competition, decentralisation, accountability and choice can solve the biggest challenges of our time. The cost and inaccessibility of housing are ... Continue reading
Economic Affairs
Subscribe to Economic Affairs Contents Introduction (pages 305-306) by J.R. Shackleton Chinese Manufacturing in the Shadow of the China–US Trade War (pages 307-324) by Kerry Liu Multilateral Trade Liberalisation and Financial Openness (pages 357-364) by Sèna Kimm Gnangnon Anti‐Competitive Market Distortions: A Typology (pages 339-347) by Shanker A. Singham U. Srinivasa Rangan The Middle East Needs to ... Continue reading

Free trade is the foundation of modern economies & modern prosperity, says new IEA report

Summary:  Free trade improves the well-being of all parties to it. The most significant way that trade achieves this outcome is by enabling and incentivising specialisation in production, and also encouraging mechanisation and innovation. As specialisation deepens, and as mechanisation and innovation advance, the per-person output of goods and services increases. Total economic output rises ... Continue reading
The Institute of Economic Affairs unveils a comprehensive, alternative framework for future trade relationships between the United Kingdom and the European Union, and, just as importantly, with the rest of the world. The report, Plan A+: Creating a prosperous post-Brexit U.K., calls for the adoption of a four-pillared trade policy strategy, taking unilateral, bilateral, plurilateral and ... Continue reading

A Free Trader's Perspective

Summary: This paper is intended to serve several related purposes. First, it is to persuade policymakers and the public in both the United States and the United Kingdom that it is in their respective national interests to enter into a comprehensive bilateral trade and investment agreement. Specifically, the goal is to establish that the type ... Continue reading

No-Deal Fear Checker, No. 6

Although the EU has been influential in the development of equalities legislation, Brexit would be unlikely to put these rights in jeopardy. Historically, the UK has led the way when it comes to women’s rights and workplace and family protections, and this will surely continue. The worry that undermining women’s rights is part of a ... Continue reading

No-Deal Fear Checker, No. 5

According to a report from investment bank UBS, the UK economy is already 2.1% smaller than it would have been without Brexit. And because the UK has not even left the EU yet, the damage will only increase. The UBS report was only the latest of several papers using the same methodology, starting with an ... Continue reading

No-Deal Fear-Checker, No. 4

A no-deal scenario could end the Tripartite Agreement (TPA) and threaten next year's Grand National. The TPA allows for horses to be move easily between the UK, France and Ireland, allowing for horses to compete across the three countries. Whilst there are valid concerns over the future of the TPA, the Grand National was first ... Continue reading

IEA sets out framework for independent UK Fisheries policy

IEA sets out framework for independent UK Fisheries policy The primary objective of a UK fisheries policy should be to balance the goals of ensuring a viable future for commercial fishing in UK waters, ensuring sustainability, and enabling UK consumers to have access to cheaper fish and fish products. This should be based on a ... Continue reading

No-Deal Brexit Fear-Checker, No. 3

Governments and operators on both sides of the border are committed to maintain the Single Electricity Market (SEM). This is also in keeping with the EU’s stated commitment to deliver competitive energy market and value to consumers, as its termination would be prejudicial not just to NI but to consumers in the ROI. Given the ... Continue reading