1 thought on “Public Health England: a tax-funded neo-temperance campaign group”

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    It would be difficult to compile a list of more biased and less competent contributors. This report and the guidelines that you reference are amongst the greatest abuses of public money that I have witnessed in many years of analysing and commenting on the profligate public health industry.

    The report, the guidelines, the processes that produced them are questionable to the point at which I believe that they can be called deliberately dishonest. Yet they stand unchallenged in Westminster despite well founded criticism and damning evidence that they are illogical incoherent feeble imitations of what independent reviews are supposed to be.

    The Department of Health is in my view a shameful disgrace to this nation and it is time that its untouchable mandarins together with their chums in the medical establishment were held to account, preferably before being fired without their gold plated pensions and, where appropriate, replaced by fewer people of greater integrity.

    There is no acceptable excuse for allowing unqualified activists to produce allegedly independent work intended to guide the public and professionals. What has happened is simply wrong. But here is of course absolutely no accountability in public health, or it seems, some branches of the civil service.

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