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    I am a student. I have learned the economics knowledge in this article, which is coordinating process in the market is often assigned to the pricing mechanism of the market economy. I think coordinating process is a significant part of the whole market. As I know, in the market, the price will change in different situations. But, nobody can know all of the things. If there are some supplier, they can survey with their production because survey can help them to supply their output in this period and the next period. But, it might not be a comprehensive job for the supplier. They may make a plan that they want to supply their products to the major city. If they get the result is customers expect the price of production will befall in the next period, customers will buy less output in this period. Then, suppliers will supply less production in this period. But, suppliers may not make a survey around of the major city. Now, more and more region where are not the big city is developing. They may not do a lot of things in the short run, they can’t take the latest technology in that time, but they have many potentials. These regions may give a surprise to suppliers. If companies can think a lot and find some unique ways that others couldn’t see, I think it is a significant advantage.

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