1 thought on “[PODCAST] HS2: A train to nowhere?”

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    Shouldn’t you be investigating maglev as an option?
    UK Ultraspeed made a proposal in 2008 which was rejected by the government as being “too cheap”. The Department for transport increased the cost twice on an arbitrary basis.
    Even if the UK U estimate had been out by a factor of three, it would still have been cheaper than HS2.
    It would have provided a 311mph link from Glasgow, through Edinburgh, Newcastle, Teesside, Leeds, Manchester, a spur to Liverpool, Birmingham and terminating at both Heathrow and Stratford, serving eight airports, possibly reducing the need for internal flights and the third runway at Heathrow.
    Bear in mind this was the first attempt at planning the route. had it been built it could have been extended in various ways.
    It would have been faster, cheaper to build, faster to build, cheaper to run and much cheaper to maintain.
    Time for a rethink?

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