2 thoughts on “Oxfam would rather make us all poorer than feed the world”

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    Mark Littlewood is an unrepentant apologists for neoliberal capitalism who is still propagating the tired and discredited arguments like “growing the pie” rather than worrying about who gets how much and about the grotesque barbarism of the growing gaps between the income, wealth and the quality of life of the richest 1% and the poorest 20%. People like him will never admit publicly what they know to be the case, that the excessive wealth of the rich is accumulated through a systemic management of the economies of the world in which the poorest are deliberately denied their just shares of of the ‘pie’ and forced into increasing depths of destitution and denial of all aspects of a decent life by design so that the rich can get progressively richer by means of that denial.

    The progressive economists and political scientists of the world know this very well and they also know that it is a waste of time to engage in a debate with the likes of Littlewood. The task is to get a clear understanding of how the capitalist system works to the poor of the world so that the parties of the right are rapidly pushed out of power and the governments become truly representative of the masses. At the present time, in no country of the global capitalist system, at the centre (like the US and the Western Europe) or the periphery (like India, Brazil and countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, the governments are representative of the people. I still believe that this can be achieved without invoking the need of a bloody revolution.

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    “Discredited”? Widely believed and recognised to be correct rather.

    Further all Western governments are democratically elected and are a reflection of the populations choices.

    You may not sympathise with the consensus but that reflects your political perspective (hard left) being adrift from most people’s values.

    Ideologues like you would rather see absolute poverty than suffer relative poverty. There is a trade off between the two. Look at the data.

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