4 thoughts on “Our state-run healthcare model makes winter crises inevitable”

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    The “underfunding” of the NHS is largely a myth. The OECD revised its figures fairly recently because UK spending was not being compared like-for-like with other countries. As a result, their figures show that the UK is spending more as a percentage of GDP, by the OECD’s definition, than previously believed – the UK now spends almost exactly the ‘EU 15’ average and above the OECD average as a percentage of GDP.

    It is true that some countries (e.g. Germany) spend more but others such as Spain and Italy and even Australia spend less. Most spend very similar amounts expressed as a percentage of GDP.

    What is more, it is clear that when it comes to government spending, the UK is above average in the ‘EU15’ – it is private spending that is lower. Our healthcare model makes it more difficult to augment publicly/compulsory funded care.

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    Also quite incredible that the so called ‘managers’ seem oblivious to the fact that ‘winter’ occurs every year and continue to book unrealistic numbers for elective surgery during this period, instead of reducing the number, with the option of bringing forward future dates should the ‘winter crisis’ be lower than predicted. But, that would involve intelligent planning and stop them using this yearly fiasco as a political cosh.
    Less managers, sustainability managers, diversity managers etc (I doubt anyone would even notice their absence), charging those not entitled to ‘free’ care at point of delivery and a universal £10 charge for non essential A&E visits would also help significantly. Plus of course that enormous elephant in the room-our ever increasing population.

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    Hi, you make a number of claims about other countries’ health systems, about outcomes and so on but you don’t offer any links or cite any evidence. How can we test out your arguments?

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    @Andrew Lloyd – He doesn’t cite any evidence because many previous articles and blog posts on the IEA web site on this subject have already provided evidence and links to substantiate his assertions.

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