2 thoughts on “The UK labour market performance does not deserve the opprobrium it gets”

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    A superb article by the leading labour markets expert. Huge respect for his knowledge of how it all works.

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    Generally speaking unemployment represents the worst form of wested resources. while zero unemployment remains to be Infeasible to accomplish, Governments role in the economy should always remain focused on reducing fractional and structural unemployment. the statistics suggest UK believes in more regulation when it comes to the labor market yet, much less so than the rest of the European Union. The result of high regulation in the labor market causes higher minimum wages , wage rigidity, longer term unemployment insurances, and increases frictional unemployment in Europe. i agree with your view that caution is the best policy when it comes to government regulations. United Kingdom seems to be moving in the more favorable direction of laissez faire and soon will reap the fruits of the policy if it remans stedfast in its path to a less regulated market system.

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