Sir John Hicks.

Sir John Hicks was a British economist best known for his contributions to consumer demand theory in microeconomics and the IS-LM Model in macroeconomics. Born in Warwick in 1904, he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford before becoming a lecturer at the London School of Economics. In 1939 he published Value and Capital which introduced English speaking audiences to general equilibrium theory and is considered by many to be his magnum opus.  He returned to Oxford after World War Two where he was first a research fellow at Nuffield College (1946–1952) then as Drummond Professor of Political Economy (1952–1965) and finally as a research fellow of All Souls College (1965–1971). He received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1972 along with Kenneth Arrow for his “pioneering contributions to general economic equilibrium theory and welfare theory.”