2 thoughts on “No, Observer: free-market think-tanks have not changed their tune”

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    Oh no, not a small increase in state funded investment please; give them an inch and they will take a mile. Boosting state spending on infrastrucure investment seems to be very much in favour at the moment, but the state has shown its inability time and again to invest capital wisely. My recent book (Motorway Age , chapter 14) shows how even the celebrated 1960s-70s motorway programme was mis-timed and wrongly located. And most infrastructure takes an age to bring to fruition (Hs2!!!) so does little to boost today’s economy (little better than digging holes and filling them again).

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    Thanks for sharing! Really interesting is the idea that the Treasury should study measures to reduce taxes to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. In any case, in this situation, state assistance is needed for small businesses and not only …

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