1 thought on “No, Millennial Socialists will not “grow out” of socialism”

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    Two months ago I remember reading a very interesting essay by Tanner Greer:
    One of his propositions was that societal change is largely driven by cohort change.
    He even mentions the rise of socialism (in the US) writing:
    “If you want to see this process in real time, look no further than the Democrat’s socialist wing. Older party leaders view the socialists as spoilers and madmen, political contagions not to be fought against nor partnered with, but contained and quarantined. Socialism is not something they take seriously. This is a cohort problem. Democrats under 40 take socialism very seriously. The Great Recession was their formative event; the old orthodoxy did not seem equal to the fear and heartache it caused. Thus, *gradually*, the younger cohorts have been won over to the socialist cause. All that keeps the socialists at bay is the power of their elders. That power cannot last. At some point in the next decade the transition point will arrive. *Gradually* will become *suddenly*, and America’s most popular party will be openly run by socialists.”
    The whole essay may be of interest to the readers of this blog.

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