5 thoughts on “No, life expectancy is NOT falling”

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    This deserves wider coverage. Dowling’s contempt for facts is almost as great as his contempt for those poor students he has to ‘teach’ in the time he can spare from propagandising. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/geography-posh-stupid-students-professor-dorling-oxford-university-a9221456.html

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    I’m rather giving the game away, but this article is relevant to any assessment of Danny Dorling’s intellect: https://www.property118.com/guess-who/

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    BBC News – Poorest women’s life expectancy declines, finds report

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    Why are you lying?
    Fertility rates across the indigenous populations of Europe have been well below replacement rates for decades, hence the call for mass immigration and replacement population UN population division 2001.
    The reason the population has grown is entirely down to mass immigration and immigrants high birth rates with rapidly changing demographic.

    Life expectancy is falling across the West including Britain.

    Clearly facts don’t suit your agenda.

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