14 thoughts on “Motion: “This House believes that the Hammer and Sickle should be considered a hate symbol””

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    Coming from someone who likes to create safe areas in which to preach is quack quack economics,Who mutes and blocks people this hypocritical fool should be taken with a large pinch of salt ,His economic ideology as failed as predicted and now he spends his time instead of trying to solve the problems of his ideology attacking other ideology’s .So another bad analysis ie Stalin attacked the under performing because that is the mindset of the socialist,coming from those who attack the disabled weak(ill) and unemployed for the downfall of his ideology????? . He’s entitled to his opinions but by god show some humility and at least dedicate your life to rectifying the faults in you’re own ideology(ps which is also killing people)

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    If I had been at your university that stained glass window would no longer be there 😀

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    Thank you Mr. Mawer for your succinct and vivid epitome in support of Dr. Niemietz ‘s thesis.

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    I don’t mute “people” in general. I specifically muted YOU. And there’s a good reason for that, which I told you before.
    Literally everyone in the world, who has a political opinion on anything, believes that they are the reasonable one who is just stating the facts, while their opponents are biased and ideological. There are about 7.5bn people in the world. Every single one of them believes that.
    Therefore, replying to everything I tweet with “You’re ideological. You’re ideological. You’re ideological. You’re ideological. You’re ideological” is not as clever as you think it is.
    And that’s why you’re muted. Bye.

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    If the Hammer and Sickle is now to be a hate symbol, along with the Union Jack and the Cross of St George, then why not the flags of say Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine (all sponsors of terrorist activity against us) or even the Stars and Stripes (take your pick as to who they sponsor and for what reasons)?

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    Excellent article, I have long despised the narrow-mindedness of socialists who delight in screaming ‘fascist’ at those of other political persuasions whilst engaging exactly the same activities as the Nazi Brown shirts did in the 1930s and 1940s.

    I particularly enjoyed your put down of the Numpty ‘Paul Mawer’

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    I’ve long argued the same.

    Nazism killed around 16 million in the last century, whereas Communism killed around 100 million.

    The only point where we differ is in your insinuation that ‘far right’ symbology is deemed unacceptable. By ‘far right’ I assume you are referring to Nazism – or National Socialism, to give it its proper title.

    With its tenets of ‘pure’ ideology, mindless group think, blind loyalty to a personality cult leadership and above all a collective that subsumes the individual, Nazism/ Fascism was and remains an extreme left wing ideology. Its modus operandi is currently enjoying a resurgence with the absurdly named Antifa and the naked anti-semitism of Corbyn’s Labour Party.

    The question should therefore be: Why are the symbols for international socialism still acceptable when the symbols of national socialism are not?

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    The true wisdom should be that fascism was, in principle, a noble idea, which has just been perverted in practice. According to this real wisdom, it would be unfair to blame the idea of fascism for the atrocities committed in its name, and therefore, to associate its symbols with them.

    Anyway, the swastika is not a symbol of fascism. It is an ancient religious symbol. When my Indian girl friend’s son got married, there were swastikas everywhere, but there were no fascists.

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    DrNoddy yoy have kind of missed the point “If the Hammer and Sickle is now to be a hate symbol” its not a hate symbol it has always been a hate symbol that has been given a pass. The article states none should be banned, but there is absouble standard where i could walk down the street calling friends comrades and having a hammer and sickle jacket and hat no one would bat an eye lid. Do that in a shirt with a swastika you could see yourself beaten up within an hour. It gets a pass because of the intellectually bankrupt argument that real socilaism/communism hasnt happened ergo its still okay. And it has a lighter affect of allowong people to claim its moral and right when its quite abhorrent how anyone under that aystem ends up living.

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    Fascism is a left wing ideology not a right wing one. The fasces were a symbol of Mussolini’s fascists, a left wing regime. A symbol of an authoritarian regime dating back to Roman times. Very good article BTW.

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    And the result of the debate was?

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    Excellent article. Interesting point about ‘it wasn’t real socialism’ always being retroactive after the experiment has collapsed. Even where I live in a pretty conservative corner of the South West of England the local council managed to blow over £500k on an ANPR car park scheme that they were informed from the outset would not work. They persisted and have wasted a lot of money converting the car parks back to traditional machine/warden policed. This, and other incidents makes me incredibly sceptical of the state doing anything better and more efficiently than the private sector that is kept innovative through competition.

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    Brilliant piece of writing! Kristian Niemietz is clearly a talented communicator and I look forward to reading his book. I have often tried to make the same point to acquaintances in the past, but have always felt I have failed to quite get the point across, which is frustrating. I will keep this as something to forward to those thinking about voting for Corbyn’s at the next election.

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    With 40 million people dead because of communism, and people in concentration camps in China today, I find it pretty crazy that people can argue it is NOT a hate symbol.

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