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WHO should ‘stay in its lane’


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Christopher Snowdon quoted in City AM

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Andy Mayer quoted in City AM

Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Mail

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted in The Daily Mail criticising the World Health Organisation’s (WTO) claim that the term ‘responsible drinking’ stigmatises problem drinkers.

Christopher said:

“There is a growing tendency among nanny state activists to erase the concept of free will and personal responsibility. We see this not only with regards to alcohol, but with food and gambling.

“Their aim is to pin all the blame on the people who sell products rather than on the people who misuse products. This gives them the excuse for endless restrictions on individual liberty masquerading as controls on industry.

“It beggars belief that the WHO is commissioning temperance activists to write reports about alcohol.

“This report is strewn with factual errors and scaremongering, which its authors presumably hope journalists will repeat. It explicitly recommends total abstinence from alcohol and pushes draconian nanny state policies.

“Member states need to tell the WHO to stay in its lane, distance itself from fanatical pressure groups and focus on its day job.”

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