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    When he was in office, Lord Darzi proposed ‘polyclinics’ to take medical access out of the hospitals and into the community. I think the GPs thought it would be staffed by them but it makes more sense to staff it with specialists. It didn’t receive enough support.
    I worked in Urology where most of our clinic activity was outpatient and day case surgery. A proposal at the time was to train”office urologists” who would undertake this work leaving the”surgical urologists” to cover emergency and major surgery. This model could work under Darzi’s scheme and give direct access to the specialty.
    Again, at the time, a frequent occurrence in the clinic would be releasing need of their prostate cancer diagnosis and being told that their request for aPSA blood test had been refused a few years earlier. They had represented when symptoms had started. Fortunately this is rare nowadays. I am sure that if they had presented to a specialist at the beginning their PSA would have been done.

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