Time to say goodbye?

Christopher Snowdon writes in The Spectator

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has written in The Spectator asking whether it’s time for Britain to leave the World Health Organisation.

Christopher wrote:

“As for vaping, the WHO has always been hostile and has become even more trenchant since the billionaire nanny statist Michael Bloomberg started funding it. Bloomberg, who is now a WHO goodwill ambassador, makes no secret of his desire to wipe e-cigarettes off the face of the Earth.

“The WHO is currently working on a Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, and there has been paranoid talk about a world government enforcing lockdowns and travel bans. In truth, the treaty is a largely bureaucratic affair which does not mention such ‘non-pharmaceutical interventions’ at all. The WHO does not have the means to force such policies on member states even if it was minded to (and it is against travel bans in any case). The problem with the WHO is not that it is looking forward to the next pandemic but that it lacks the competence to tackle infectious diseases and is constantly meddling in issues that go far beyond its original remit.

“The organisation achieved some great things in the 20th century but it cannot dine out for ever on eradicating smallpox. It cannot expect to be taken seriously while it cosies up to some of the world’s worst regimes.”

Read Christopher’s full piece here.