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Christopher Snowdon quoted in Guido Fawkes


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EPICENTER research covered across UK media

The Nanny State Index 2023, new research released by EPICENTER looking in to lifestyle restrictions in countries across Europe, has been referenced in The Telegraph.

The article read:

“Turkey – which is located mainly in Western Asia – topped the overall list, which examined a range of restrictions, including those placed on alcohol and smoking.

“Britain came second only to Hungary on rules on food and drink, as a result of its tax on sugary drinks, and restrictions on marketing of food to children.

“The UK was also top of the overall list for being the worst place in Europe to be a smoker, as a result of the smoking ban, high taxes and plain packaging.”

The Daily Mail also covered the report, writing:

“Germany gets the lowest score, making it the most liberal country in Europe, followed by Czechia and Italy.

“Today’s ranking comes as the Conservative government and Labour opposition are considering further nanny state measures including banning ‘buy 2, get 1 free’ offers, extending restrictions on food advertising and expanding the sugar tax.

“Report author Christopher Snowdon, head of lifestyle economics at the IEA, predicts that ‘things will only get worse’ with more nanny state regulations on the way.”

You can read The Telegraph’s piece here and The Mail’s here.

The report was also covered in The Times and The Daily Express.