The government should scrap the Online Safety Bill to protect people’s freedom

IEA Research discussed in CapX

IEA research on the dangers of the Online Safety Bill has been discussed in CapX.

The paper, authored by IEA Head of Public Policy Matthew Lesh and Head of Regulatory Affairs Victoria Hewson, examines the threat the bill poses to privacy, innovation and freedom of speech. 

Referencing the paper’s findings, the article reads: 

“The government intends to formally specify categories of ‘priority content that is harmful to adults’ in due course. Public statements indicate they are likely to include ‘misinformation and disinformation’, ‘misogynistic abuse’, abuse, harassment and material encouraging self-harm or eating disorders. 

Supporters of including ‘legal but harmful’ speech in the legislation have suggested it could extend to ‘Covid disinformation’ and ‘climate change denial’.  In the same vein, Shadow Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Secretary Lucy Powell has raised concerns that the Bill as it stands would allow ‘incels’ and ‘climate deniers’ to ‘slip through the net’”.

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