Tax and Fiscal Policy

The government must be honest with voters about Britain’s dire fiscal situation


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In the Media

Julian Jessop writes in The Independent

Mark Littlewood featured in The Express

IEA Director General Mark Littlewood’s interview has been featured in The Daily Express.

Responding to a question about how voters will react to tax hikes and spending cuts, Mark said:

“I think anger is more likely. I think that’s partly actually because politicians of all stripes haven’t really fronted up with the electorate about how bad our fiscal position is.

“We now decided that we don’t really want to admit that anymore. We’re going to pretend with a little bit of treading here with just another tiny tweak of taxes going up there that we can sort everything out and balance it.”

Mark argued that the fiscal situation is far worse than even the most pessimistic projections:

“This figure has emerged that there’s a fiscal blackhole of – I’ve heard variously 40-50-60billion. 

“But the long-term position really is far worse than that. We’re not 40, 50 or 60billion in debt. We are trillions in debt over the long run.”

The full article can be read here.