The cost of living crisis can be solved through deregulation


In the Media

IEA Research discussed in The Telegraph

In the Media

IEA Research discussed in The Independent

Matthew Lesh writes for City AM

Matthew Lesh, Head of Public Policy at the IEA, has written for City AM on the need for deregulation to tackle the cost of living crisis. 

This is in light of new research by the IEA, which examines how regulation is raising costs for struggling families and establishes that cutting red tape in six different sectors could lessen the burden of the cost of living crisis.

Matthew writes:

“Over regulation has been most damaging to the housing market. The planning system has prevented enough homes being built in places where people want to live, significantly increasing prices.”

“Families could save as much as £9,000 a year by cutting red tape in the likes of housing, childcare, and energy, according to a new report for the Institute of Economic Affairs, released today. That is not small change.”

“The discourse about cost of living has largely focused on costly handouts, but it’s regulatory reform that enables open and competitive markets and will reinvigorate the British economy while lowering costs for households.”

Read the full article here.

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