Student authoritarianism should not be taxpayer-funded

Marc Glendening writes for CapX

Marc Glendening, IEA Head of Cultural Affairs, has written for CapX praising the government’s decision to remove public funding for the National Union of Students (NUS). However, Marc argues that the government, who elected to withdraw its funding over accusations of anti-semitism within the NUS, have done so for the wrong reasons.

“the Government’s justification for suspending financial support for NUS and no longer awarding it representation on various official committees is, arguably, the wrong one from a liberal perspective. It has cited allegations of antisemitism against president-elect Shaima Dallali”

“While such positions are sadly quite typical of the contemporary student and wider left, there should, of course, be the freedom to express such deranged viewpoints…The implication is that were it not for the antisemitism claims, the NUS could continue happily feeding at the public trough.”

Read the full article here.

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