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Politicians should not be afraid of unpopular ideas


In the Media

Mark Littlewood quoted in ITV News

In the Media

Mark Littlewood quoted in The Daily Express

Kristian Niemietz quoted in The Telegraph

IEA Head of Political Economy Dr. Kristian Niemietz has been quoted in The Telegraph discussing free markets and public opinion.

The article by Ed West argues that politicians are duty-bound to push unpopular policies if they believe them to be beneficial.

It quotes Kristian’s 2018 blog ‘Beware the Bregalitarians’ on the unpopularity of free market economics:

“Here’s a little home truth: if you are a free-marketeer in Britain in 2018, you are part of a small and unpopular minority. The vast majority of the British public disagree with you on virtually everything. There is majority support for a (re-) nationalisation of energy companies, the railways, water and bus companies.”

The full Telegraph article can be read here and Kristian’s full blog here.